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These mills are slightly older a Miyano-Kira VMC35 - 30"x17"x19", Hitachi Seiki VA45 - 30"x18"x16", and a Morei-Seiki VM40 - 30"x18"x16" with 4th axis - all with Fanuc controls.

These lathes are slightly older, a Hitachi-Seiki HT20 14" x 30" with new ways for the carriage, and a Miyano TNC 8" x 20" - all with Fanuc controls.


Coming in June!

Haas VF4

4 axis




This is our new Haas VF4

50"x20"x25" mill with the  remote sensor and auto tool length probes.  This is enabled for a 4th axis.

These are two new Haas ST-30 21" x 26" lathes that were purchased in September of 2013.  H1 is the 4" big bore kit with two speed gearbox and the H2 has the 3" spindle, collet pad set and bar puller.  These are a joy to program and operate and we're going to upgrade to live tooling.

Programming / Training

Pics are coming of our Welding / Fab area - we have MIG and TIG welders and a small plasma cutter, band and cut-off saws, and horizontal grinders, and H frame hydraulic presses and an EDM machine.

Pics are coming of our Haas Control Simulator where we can dry run / debug programs in the office instead of wasting valuable machine time.  We also purchased Bobcad for both lathes and the 4 axis mill.  With the new Haas machines, training and refresher courses are included and the dealer is only a short drive from the shop.

Pics are coming of our secure Product Inspection room - we have a 14" Jones and Lamson Optical Comparator, 3'x6'x9" granite plate on a rolling hydraulic stand, Cadillac Placheck 24" height gauge, SIP Universal Thread Measuring machine, Shefield 0 - 8"  ID gauge, Pratt and Whitney 48" Supermic, 0 - 36" micrometers. and all of the routine gauging blocks and pin, calipers, internal and external micrometers, and dial dial indicators.